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Your Valued Partner in International Commodities Seaborne Trading

AEGIS a World Class,

highly qualified & experienced venture
primarily engaged in the Dry Cargo Ocean Transportation Industry
established in Athens in November 2011.

Our foundations are deeply connected to the Hellenic Maritime Tradition, Education & Seamaship, complemented by high levels of expertise in modern international shipping & trading practices, commercial tactics & operational management.

Our name is underlined by a well respected precedent, we are committed to assure you, that your Business, your Ship, or Cargo, are in safe hands.

We have built successful relationships with strategic partners across of the entire shipping market that last, so that together we can build the most sustainable future possible.

We are able to offer and guarantee on global scale, to Shipowners, Industrial Shippers, Commodity Traders, Seaborne Operators, Dry Bulk Pool Managers, Banks & Financial Institutions, a superior performance & tradability, thanks to our responsiveness, global market access, integrity & transparency.

Since November 2011, AEGIS serve it’s customers, execute their trades & build new businesses, based on the company’s reputation & trust.

We deliver, make things happen efficiently & effectively with safety & respect, to the World Eco-Social system.