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Your Valued Partner in International Commodities Seaborne Trading

Legal & Claims

As guardians of the contractual relationship between the Owner & the Charterer we are able to offer a detailed, comprehensive & practical assistance for all types of problems & claims that both parties come across in marine incidents arising under a Contract of Carriage. 

We deal with some of the world’s premium P&I Clubs & well known UK Maritime Arbitrators for matters such as Off Hire, Loss of Hire, Damages & Repairs to ship machinery, Cargo Owners Liability, 

97% of the cases handled, we managed to settle claims directly between the parties, outside the official legal procedures, thus, avoiding damages to both commercial relations, saving time & avoiding litigation costs & increases on both P&I and FD&D premiums.

Cargo Damages/Shortages, Loss of Income, Bunker Ownership, Shortages, Deviation & Claims brought forward pursuant B/L’s.

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Marine Operations

An in-house, integrated, streamlined, Marine Operations service, associated with the Management of Maritime Assets for Commodity Houses or Traders, Seaborne Operators and/or other asset players.


Periodical & bespoke market advise accompanied with tailor made reports, offering up to the last minute seamless data & analysis for a wide range of maritime sectors, been in daily contact with wide range of highly intelligent services on sectors such as, the Maritime industry, Governments, (national risk(s), fiscal issues & politics), Energy, Commodities & Stock Markets.